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Company: Lakeland Lines Ltd

Home: Passenger Harbour Kuopio, Finland

See the city from the lake by Lakeland Lines Ltd

Lake cruises are an excellent way to admire the views of Kuopio and the spectacular scenery of the Finnish Lakeland. You can just walk to the Kuopio passenger port in a sunny day – or why not in rainy day too – and choose your depart from various choices.


There are many nice routes on the Lake Kallavesi. Saaristokaupunki route gives you a glimpse of the Capital of Lakeland’s new and old architecture – and of course diverse nature. On the “City and Islands” route you have a chance to visit the Alahovi berry wine farm.

The best program onboard is to just enjoy the summer and lakeland environment.  You can also enjoy drinks, meals and summer snacks on the boats.