Berry Wine Farm cruise package

Day at the Alahovi Berry Wine Farm -package

Price: 36 € Adults & 17 € Children (5-17 yrs.)

Group price (for 15+ people) 35 € / person

Alahovi Berry Wine Farm is located on the island of Vaajasalo. At Alahovi, you can enjoy their selection of wines and foods at the restaurant or explore the island for the beautiful scenery.

We offer an “Alahovi cruise” package that includes the cruises to the island and back, a delicious meal on our ships, and wine tasting at the berry wine farm.

For the most enjoyable experience to the farm, traveling on the beautiful Lake Kallavesi by ship is the best.



From Tuesday to Saturday 25.6. – 2.8.2019 (also Sundays 14.7., 21.7., 28.7. in July)


M/S Queen R (Duration 4 hours)


12.00 Cruise from Kuopio Passenger Harbor to Alahovi Berry Wine Farm with lunch on board

13.30 Arrival at Alahovi

14.00 Berry wine and liqueur tasting (2 x 4 cl wine, 1 x 2 cl liqueur)

14.30 Introduction to berry wine production

15.30 Cruise from Alahovi to the Passenger Harbour

16.00 Arrival at the Passenger Harbor

Lunch on board 2019:



Bread basket; warm bread from the oven, served with butter and herb spread


Main dishes (choose one)

Fried vendace served with mashed potatoes, pickles and green salad

Meat loaf served with mashed potatoes, pickles and green salad

Meat balls served with mashed potatoes, pickles and green salad

Salmon soup flavored with cream and herbs

Chicken salad with fresh vegetables of the season



Sweet delicacy

Coffee or tea


Bookings in advance: