Menu on board

Menu – m/s Queen R




Chicken pita bread  7,50 €

Pita bread filled with grilled chicken, salad, tomato, red onion and sauce

Smoked vendace pita bread  7,50 €

Pita bread filled with smoked vendace, salad, tomato, red onion, pickles and sauce




Green salad  6,00 €

Fresh salad, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, arugula, raspberry vinaigrette

Sunny salad  8,00 € / 14,50 €

Fresh salad, grilled goat cheese, devil’s jam, sun dried tomato, cucumber, arugula, marinated red onion, roasted pine nuts and raspberry vinaigrette


Warm chicken salad 8,00 € / 14,50 €

Fresh salad, croutons, cherry tomatoes, crispy bacon, honey dew, arugula




Vegetable ferry 13,50 €

Tomato-vegetable gratin, served with roasted rosemary potatoes and herb- sour cream sauce and salad


Chipper’s salmon soup 12,50 €                   

Creamy salmon soup flavored with herbs, served with warm bread and butter spread


Cold-smoked salmon pasta 13,50 €

Served with capsicum, onion, arugula and parmesan cheese


Fried vendace 15,00 €

Served with mashed potato, pickles and lingonberry mayonnaise


Grilled chicken with goat cheese 16,50 €

Served with creamy potatoes, devil’s jam, warm vegetables and red wine sauce


Fried zander 19,50€

Served with summer potatoes and warm vegetables


Steak of the ship 22,50€

Sirloin steak (180g) served with creamy potatoes, warm vegetables, pepper sauce and herb butter




Apple pie 5,50 €

With vanilla ice cream and whipped cream     

Traditional pancakes 6,50 €  

With whipped cream and strawberry jam         

Old-fashioned vanilla ice cream 4,50 € (extra scoop 2,50 €)

With strawberry-, caramel- or chocolate sauce and whipped cream


Blueberry pie with vanilla ice (Vegan’s choice) 5,50 €